• An Intelligent Solution for Heating and Air

    IntelliHVAC is a dual microprocessor technology that easily retrofits to any existing central air HVAC system.  It contains both a post-purge and compressor cycle functions that work together to create a significantly more efficient environment within the system. 

    IntelliHVAC operates in both heating and cooling modes and delivers energy savings ranging 10 – 30%.  Given that HVAC constitutes 50-60% of the total energy expense, this represents a significant opportunity. 
    In addition to energy savings, compressor cycles are also reduced which translates into both maintenance savings and extended equipment life.

    While HVAC systems have made progress over the past few decades, there are still a few distinct opportunities to improve their overall operation and efficiency.  When the thermostat of a HVAC system achieves its set point, the compressor will cycle off and the outdoor fan will continue to run for approximately 30 – 60 seconds, depending on the manufacturer’s setting.

    The inefficiency and therefore opportunity is that there is still latent cold energy on the coil or heat energy in the exchanger and this energy is wasted as it dissipates within the system.  IntelliHVAC captures this excess energy through its post-purge function.  This process is known as latent recovery and has been verified by numerous utility companies.

    When the HVAC system reaches set point, IntelliHVAC will extend and optimize the fan run-time based on the previous compressor cycle to ensure that the latent hot or cold energy has been captured and that all of that air is circulated all the way through the duct system so that it is not wasted.

    IntelliHVAC continues to monitor the system and adjust the post purge cycle based on its proven algorithm.
    Scenarios often exist where the HVAC system runs in excess.  This can occur for numerous reasons, but mainly because the system is having trouble satisfying and reaching its set point. 

    The inefficiency is that the system itself reaches optimal conditions on the coil (cold) or heat exchanger (heat) and the compressor is no longer providing any additional value.  IntelliHVAC also has a compressor cycle function that increases the overall energy savings cycling the compressor off for 5 minutes for every 25 minutes of continuous run-time.  This allows the fan, which uses 8 to 15 less energy than the compressor to capture the latent energy from the coil or heat exchanger.  IntelliHVAC will run the fan for the equivalent amount of time that the compressor is off to ensure that air continues to circulate and there are no negative effects to the indoor air temperature quality.

    Efficient Fan Motor Delay is a technology that has been studied and proven across the industry and by numerous utility companies.  Several HVAC manufacturer’s are even starting to include some version of this into their newer models.  IntelliHVAC takes this technology one step further with its compressor cycle function and ensure that the system is completely optimized with regard to the relationship between fan and compressor.




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  • Reduce Energy 10% - 30%
  • Short Term ROI
  • Does Not Void Warranty
  • Extends Equipment Life
  • Cuts Run Time 60-90 Days per Year
  • No Recurring Cost