• eYeWize puts the control of your energy consumption and building operations in the palm of your hand.

    Energy Savings up to 25%
    Eliminate costly inefficiencies with a quick ROI

    Easy to Use Web Based Interface
    Any user authenticated device can log in

    Control and Reduce Maintenance
    Diagnostic analytics preemptively anticipate problems, reducing repair expenses with automatic push notifications

    Verify Service Work
    Data collected will verify that changes were in fact made and are producing expected results


  • Track Success
    Voyant powered EMS is servicing hundreds of nationally recognized food retail and convenience store locations.

    Pre-Seasonal Transition Diagnostics Check
    Automatically diagnose equipment that has been dormant BEFORE a seasonal transition, eliminating emergency   service calls when unexpected temperature swings can   catch you unprepared



    • Advanced RTU Control / Synchronization
    • RTU Supply and Return Temperature Monitoring
    • Controlled Local Set Points (wall mounted thermostats


  • Refrigeration

    • Cooler / Freezer Temperature Control
    • Optimized Defrost Control
    • Variable Speed Evaporator Fan Control


  • Kitchen/Food Prep

    • Grill Hood and Supply Fan Control and Status
    • Food Temperature Monitoring

    Local Control and Metering

    • Local Emergency Override
    • Local Grill Hood and Lighting Override
    • Smart Demand and Consumption Meter
    • Signage Control


  • Cloud Based Features

    • Outside Temperature Monitoring
    • Outdoor Light Level
    • eYeWize Diagnostic Analytics


  • Facility Managers can now take control of their energy consumption and building operations by simply logging into their web-based user interface on any authorized device such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. 

  • Remote Access to your building energy consumption and operations can be done anywhere, anytime.

  • eYeWize puts the control into your hands to access your building(s) and eliminates unauthorized adjustments to HVAC, refrigeration, lighting or kitchen ventilation settings. Its analytics take the guesswork out of the equation and automatically generates push notifications to keep you informed as to how your building is operating.  It also anticipates maintenance concerns and will alarm you should some aspect of your operation fall out of normal operating conditions.  eYeWize becomes your full-time watch guard and ensures optimal building operation and efficiency.




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eYe Wize Benefits

  • • Savings up to 25%
  • Easy to Use Web Based Interface
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Verify Service Work
  • Track Success
  • Full Diagnostics