• The EnerG² division manufactures its primary product, EnerG² in its facilities located in Atlanta GA. It has been producing EnerG² since 2010 and has seen rapid growth in terms of its market acceptance and penetration throughout the country. It has also built a sales organization consisting of individual representatives and a Reseller Channel in which it works with commercial partners to leverage existing relationships of potential clients. Partners within the Reseller Channel typically consist of other green energy or sustainable technology companies, refrigeration maintenance companies, consultants, restaurant supply companies and more.

  • EnerG² is an innovative green technology product that is changing the way the hospitality industry cools its food product.

  • It capitalizes on the difference in densities and temperature absorption rates of air versus liquid and solid food product.  EnerG² essentially provides a more accurate means of temperature measurement to coolers and freezers thus allowing them to operate on the correct temperature curve and run more efficiently.  EnerG² has been piloted in dozens of major chains including McDonalds Chick-fl-a, Sonic, UCLA, Universal Studios, Rainforest Cafe and numerous others.  It has also been endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association and provides Green Points for restaurants who install it.

EnerG² is a device that was developed by The Madison Energy Group and contains a non-toxic, food safe gel compound that has similar thermal properties to that of food and beverage.  It is therefore, not subject to the same wider and more volatile standard of deviation in temperature that air is.  The technology of EnerG² is based on the fact that food and beverage products contain significantly differently thermal properties than air.  This means that their temperatures rise and fall at different rates and at different intervals.  This causes inefficiency in operation because typical measurement is of the environment (air) and not the actual food and beverage product.  Air, having very little density, fluctuates with more volatility thereby causing the coolers to engage in cooling cycles unnecessarily, while EnerG² simulates the stable temperature curve of food product and allows the cooler to operate only when it needs to.
When applied, EnerG² easily retrofits over the external air probe in commercial coolers and freezers and converts the temperature measurement from the ambient air temperature to that of food and beverage temperature.  We are now measuring the intended target of measurement of food and beverage temperature instead of the immediate environment surrounding the thermostat.  This creates an inherently more efficient scenario and results in an average energy reduction of 15-30%.  EnerG² is also effective at reducing carbon emissions by several thousand pounds annually.  It also increases food safety by maintaining more stable temperature ranges and reduces maintenance costs on equipment by minimizing unnecessary compressor cycles. 
The Madison Energy Group is proud to offer EnerG² with a lifetime warranty and a short term Return on Investment.  We are committed to delivering solutions that allow our clients to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint and benefit the overall environment that we live in.  Please join us in pursuing a greener, better future.




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  • Reduction in Energy Cost
  • Material Safety Sheet (OSHA Standard)
  • Reduction in Compressor Cooling Cycles
  • Reduction in CO² Emissions (Green)
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Increased Food Safety (Temperature Stability)
  • Installation in Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Short Term on ROI



  • This is a "no-brainer" decision for every restaurant in the world. I am saving almost 20% per months on my [refrigeration] electric bill! I easily paid for the initial investment and your support has been phenomenal. I could not be happier with the results.

    Brad Evers


    I wanted to write to you and the Madison Energy Group to tell you how delighted we are to be working with you. The recent performance of EnerG² in our stores has been consistent with the pilot tests and we are currently saving a little over 20% on our energy cost per month. I believe that EnerG² is a solution that will be widely accepted our organization.

    Joe Pellicci
    J & L Services - McDonalds


    We have been very pleased with EnerG²'s performance. We were especially impressed with the simplicity of the EnerG² technology and the short term Return on Investment. We believe that this technology could very well become a standard for our franchises across the board.

    Donald Welsh
    Managing Member
    Simple Tie Ventures - Sonic