The Future of Energy through E-Procurement
Madison Power is the most diversified broker of de-regulated energy in the U.S.; representing 78 different 3rd party suppliers. 
  • Diversity and Security of Energy Supply
  • Reduced Volatility of Energy Prices
  • Local Economic Development
Madison Power's partnerships makes it one of the most dynamic commercial resellers of electricity and natural gas in the market. 
The Madison Power Advantage
Madison Power provides customers with best-in-class consultative services and revolutionary procurement technology that always uncovers the lowest rates for electricity and natural gas supply. With dedicated support from your assigned Madison Power account executive and his or her analysts, your energy supply needs will get an unmatched level of service that saves you more time and money than any other approach.
Performance Driven
Madison Power provides all of its services upfront and at no cost. Madison Power will run an energy savings audit, recommend energy supply products tailored around your business' needs, and conduct the entire Reverse Auction process to provide you with the best service, at the best price.
Optimized Products at the Best Prices
Madison Power's state-of-the-art Reverse Auction platform drives prices down and ensures transparency throughout the procurement event.  It also provides a level playing field to qualified energy suppliers, and we tailor our energy supply products to the precise needs of our clients, meaning you'll always get the best product at the best price through Madison Power.
The Reverse Auction
The Madison Power Reverse Auction is a revolutionary platform that has created a strategic shift in how energy supply is bought and sold. Madison Power's real-time, competitive bidding technology has become a game-changer because of its ability to generate the lowest energy supply rates for business and government entities in the marketplace, and is considered a best practice in energy procurement. By inviting highly competitive energy suppliers to bid in a reverse auction hosted exclusively for your company, participants are able to bid and counter-bid in the transparent platform until the lowest rates in the market are uncovered.
Full Service & National Coverage
Madison Power provides a complete suite of services to optimize energy budgets and reduce costs, including facilitating electricity & natural gas supply contracts and providing a variety of energy efficiency solutions. Operating in all the deregulated territories within The United States, Madison Power has a national footprint which enables us to leverage our relationships with suppliers and efficiency partners for our clients across state boundaries. Wherever you are and whatever your energy supply needs, Madison Power has you covered.
Expert Analyst Team
The Madison Power Analyst Team monitors market conditions on a minute-to-minute basis to provide optimal pricing and product recommendations for our clients across the nation. The vigilance of Madison Power's Analyst Team ensures best practices in energy procurement are always recommended to our clients, including key insight on market timing and detailed savings analyses that showcase how much money is projected to be saved.
Affinity Programs for Corporate and Non-Profit
Madison Power has developed some very specialized Affinity Programs.  These programs will be private labeled for each client who wishes to extend them to their employee / member base and not only provide preferred pricing to the employees / members, but ancillary revenue to the client as well in the form of commissions.  Affinity Programs include:  Military Power, Energy for Education, Senior Power, My Faith Power, Corporate Preferred Affinity, and the Madison Empowerment Charitable Affinity Program.
Ongoing Support
Madison Power is your partner in energy all year round. Madison Power commits to on-going communication with our clients about future cost-saving opportunities in the marketplace, and we also constantly monitor our suppliers' performances to ensure Madison Power clients are being serviced with a higher level of standards.




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