• Our executive leadership has developed The Madison Energy Group to be a first class provider of green energy efficiency technology solutions to the commercial markets worldwide. It has focused on creating a well organized structure and centered its product line on technologies which carry the highest performance for the most efficient return on investment, thus providing exceptional value. We take great pride in forming solid relationships with both our clients and our partners and in managing those relationships with the utmost integrity, transparency, and care. It is through these client and partner relationships that Madison Energy has succeeded thus far and with which it will continue to grow. We invite you to join us in creating a greener, better future.

Commitment to the Global Community


The Madison Energy Group is truly dedicated to the global community and has made a distinct effort to demonstrate this by donating its proprietary EnerGĀ² technology to food banks around the world. We've also made a commitment to donate our IntelliHVAC technology to Ronald McDonald Houses all over the US. We're helping these organizations not only reduce their energy expenses but also to reduce carbon emissions across the world for a greener, better future.


Madison Energy Executives

William M. Geist
Chief Executive Officer

Karen Steinmiller
National Sales Manager

E. Bryan Hill
Director of Finance

Dan Stephens
Vice President Business Development

Nasir Dukes
Director of Operations

Luis Cova
Director of Business Intelligence